Our Great Holiday Debate: Do you ‘Respect the Turkey?’ (11.25.13)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Great Holiday Debate: Do you ‘Respect the Turkey?’

Respect the Turkey

The minute those Jack-o-lanterns are extinguished, it seems that it’s become the beginning of an all-out merrymaker showdown between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

In one corner, we have the sound of witches cackling spinning on their heels and transforming magically into strains of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” In the opposing corner, the hunt for one’s favorite Halloween candy quickly shifts to a seriously-focused itinerary of looking for just the right turkey, cranberries, and those crunchy fried onions for the ever-popular Thanksgiving string-bean casserole.

With the holidays approaching earlier and earlier each year, these two sides fuel the great debate about “respecting the turkey” and giving Thanksgiving its due diligence, or diving head-first into Tinseltown and all things twinkly.

So, where do you stand? Do you defiantly refuse to listen to the jingle jangle of Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, thus giving Thanksgiving its rightful spot on the calendar? Or are you just so uber-excited to get your Christmas on that you blare those holiday tunes loud and proud and go to town decorating  like Buddy the Elf the minute October waves goodbye?

Let us know—we’ll be here waiting with a turkey leg in one hand and a candy cane in the other!

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