Happy Cranky Coworkers Day! (10.27.13)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Cranky Coworkers Day

Happy Cranky Coworkers Day!

We can’t take credit for this one, folks! This annual holiday was created by Ruth and Thomas Roy of Wellcat Hollidays in Lebanon, PA in honor of all the complaining and just plain cranky co-workers you have to endure all year–this is the day to let them go with it and enjoy their miseries.

So, if the lady next to you is always cursing up a storm or the guy in cubicle B is always banging his head on the keyboard, here’s your chance to let loose and get in the action and stir up some crankiness of your own:

  • Turn that smile upside-down and sign all your emails with an unhappy face.
  • Turn your phone volume up all the way; when you get a call, let it ring ‘til it goes to voicemail.
  • Don’t clean out the microwave after you use it; better yet—burn some popcorn.
  • Affix a Post-It on stray items reading, “This is in the way,” or place cleaning products on a communal lunch table with the tag, “Someone…Please clean up this messy lunch table!”
  • Play Bobby McFerrin’s hit song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” over and over and over again!

All kidding aside, our vote is to always kill ‘em with kindness—if you’re up to it, try some reverse psychology and do something nice. Buy some coffee or chocolate and give them to your curmudgeonly coworker. It’s sure to put a smile on their face—even if just for a day.

Good luck out there!

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  1. Rebecca

     /  October 29, 2013

    Make em laugh! We all get stressed from the loads of work we are consumed by. With the boss yelling in your ear and demanding this and that from you and your coworkers gossiping constantly around the water cooler, it all can create a stressful atmosphere. Actions may lead to head banging on the desk, hair being ripped out, and cranky attitudes looming around the office.

    Here’s a cure!

    Everyone likes having that special someone or anonymous person leaves them something to brighten their day. American Greeting card company has the perfect gift for you to give that stressed out coworker; ecards! Ecards are the perfect reminder for you to send someone a card “just because” or a humor card to bring a smile to their face.

    There are many benefits to laughing, according to the Mayo Clinic staff there are short and long term effects as to how laugher can cure stress.

    Short Term:
    Lighten your mental and physical loads by having a laugh. Laughing stimulates your organs by increasing your oxygen intake which stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles. Laughing also increases your endorphins released in your brain. A laugh also ignites and cools down stress responses; this also increases heart rate and blood pressure. This fluctuation relaxes the body more. Finally, laugher soothes tension. Laughter stimulates circulation and aids in muscle relaxation; reducing the physical symptoms of stress.

    Long Term:
    Laughter gives the body a longer lasting cure as well. It can improve your immune system by increasing positive thoughts and by releasing neuropeptides that help fight stress. Negative thoughts create chemical reactions and decrease your immunity to think positively and have a laugh. Laughter can also increase your personal satisfaction and improve your mood. A happy, stress-free person is a healthy person.
    American Greetings cards promise to bring a smile to people’s faces, send your grumpy or stressed coworkers an ecard filled with animated features and give them a laugh or even go to our site and browse the printable cards that way you can relieve the whole office building of stress. After all, we all deserve to be stress-free.



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