Patriot Day 2013 (9.11.13)

September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11/01

Remembering 9/11... Patriot Day from StayInspired365

That September morning of 9/11 is forever etched in our memories–every detail of where we were when we heard the news.  Here at world headquarters, we’ve asked a few of our fellow associates if they would share their stories in honor of Patriot Day…

“I remember where I was on 9-ll like it was yesterday.  When we, in Editorial, heard the news, we were all shocked and many of us wept together.  At that time, we had a TV in one of the conference rooms, so we turned on CNN and left it on all day.   Whenever any of us had time to break from our work, we would go in to see whatever updates they had to offer and we’d share the news with each other.  Because we’re creative people, our emotions ran high.  And since we had to be at work during this horrific time, we were glad to have each other to turn to for consolation. “

 “My mother called me, in tears, to ask if I was watching the news. I hadn’t been. Said she didn’t know what was happening, but it scared her to think what it might be. I turned on the Today show moments before the second plane struck. She was right to feel afraid.”

“I was working in eastern Pennsylvania at the time, and a co-worker came into my office and asked if I had seen the fire or explosion in New York. I went into her office and we watched the news coverage online. I had two brothers working in the Washington, DC area so I was a bit unnerved with the news of the Pentagon.  I went to be with my mother and sister and we got word that both my brothers were okay. One of my brothers could see the Pentagon burning from his office window and his office had evacuated immediately. We watched the news coverage the rest of the day, and even now I still find it just as unbelievable to fathom the sheer magnitude of what took place that day.”

“I was at home  watching a video with my daughter, and when it ended the TV was on one of the news channels. I saw smoke pouring out of one of the towers and I think they didn’t know yet what had happened. I thought it was just on fire. But as I watched, the second tower was hit, and then they both ultimately fell. I remember standing there with my hands over my mouth, getting a knot in my stomach, watching them fall and knowing there had to still be people inside. I was shocked and horrified. I watched the news for a little while and finally had to get out of the house. I just couldn’t bear it. All the planes were grounded for a couple of days. I lived in the flight pattern from Cleveland Hopkins Airport, so I was used to a lot of air traffic. It was eerily quiet during those days. On the first day when they allowed the planes back up, I remember I was at a red light when a plane flew overhead. All the drivers in the surrounding cars (including me) were just staring up at the sky as it went over.”

What do you remember about the morning of the attacks on 9/11? Share your stories with us.

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  1. sadiq Sadiat Omolola

     /  September 11, 2013

    Inspiring! Love it!


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