Top 5 Irish Sayings (3.11.13)

March 11, 2013

Our Picks for Top 5 Irish Sayings…

Top o’ the mornin’ to you! It’s almost St. Paddy’s Day—a time when everybody’s Irish! The Emerald Isle is filled with wisdom, and the blessings and sayings reflect a country that is warm and welcoming. Even though there have been many times in Ireland’s history when there were no rainbows in sight, the people stayed practical, positive and faithful, and their words reflect that. In fact, there’s a wee bit o’ wisdom for everything—it really is an Irish tradition! Aye, it’s hard to pick just five, but a little Leprechaun told us these are his favorite Irish sayings!






 These wise words have been handed down through history, and of course were meant to be shared. But why not spread some old-fashioned Irish cheer the modern way and post your favorite blessings and sayings on Facebook or Pinterest. And for some added blarney, why not send this Toadally Irish Talking Card and let the adorable toad say it for you–it’ll make your friends crack up or should we say, croak up!

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