Saying Thanks (Thursday, 1.3.13)

January 3, 2013

The Power of Thank You…


The holidays have come and gone, the decorations are being put in storage for another year and you’re getting back into your daily routine.  However, with the memories of the gifts you received and the parties you attended still fresh in your mind, it is the perfect time to say thank you. The act of simply saying “thanks”, whether verbally or in a note, certainly makes the recipient of your gratitude feel great and it also gives them good reason to repeat the action. But above all, it’s a means of staying connected. And, as you may already know, there are proven health benefits to maintaining your relationships like exercising, eating well and better sleep habits. So just say “thanks” and start you new year off right!

In the mood board: The Art of Kindness ecard and Taylor Swift boxed Thank You cards from American Greetings

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