United Nations Day (Wednesday, 10.24.12)

October 24, 2012

United Nations Day

united nations

The idea of a global society isn’t as new as you might think. While the use of the internet has connected people more than ever, the United Nations has been unifying the world since 1945.  Today we celebrate United Nations Day, which is the anniversary of the UN Charter.

The term “United Nations” was originally coined by U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in reference to our allies in  World War II.  In an effort to prevent future violence, that prevailing concept of unity for good over evil was one of the main reasons for the official establishment of the UN.

The UN also actively promotes and defends human rights, education, economic development, health and other areas essential to a peaceful society.   And at Halloween, you maysee trick-or-treaters asking for donations for UNICEF, the branch of the UN dedicated to children’s issues.

With such a great mission, the day honoring the United Nations is something worth celebrating!  Why not host a dinner featuring some international foods  or invite your friends to bring a dish from their ethnic background.  By encouraging global understanding on UN Day and every day, each one of us can promote the important goal of a peace-filled world.

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