Dear ol’ Dad! (Tuesday, 5.29.12)

may 29, 2012

Dear ol’ Dad

Father's Day

Teacher. Leader. Supporter. A dad is so many terrific things—no wonder there’s a day set aside to honor him!

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 17th—it’s always the third Sunday in June—and even though that’s still a few weeks away, it’s never too earlyto  think about Dad.  (After all, we bet he thinks about you all the time!)  The first thing to do, of course, is send him a Father’s Day card, and with so many to choose from, it’s easy to find one that’s right for your relationship and expresses exactly how you feel. For some, a personalized paper card is a great choice, especially if you’ll be spending the day together and you can give it to him in person. You can even print your own Father’s Day card from home. And don’t forget, whether your dad is tech-savvy or old-fahioned, a  Father’s Day ecard is fun for everyone to send and receive.

Need some help on what to write inside the card? Here are a few picks we like:

  • Thank You for being the World’s Best Dad!
  • I hope happiness and love fill your Fathers Day.
  • Thank you  for being my pillar of strength and fountain of wisdom.
  • I am blessed to have someone like you as my father, and I would like to thank you for everything.  Happy Fathers Day!
  • For who you are and everything you mean to me. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dad, you are awesome. Thanks for being such a great part of my life!

Just as a dad means so many things to his family, there are also lots of ways to celebrate with him on Father’s Day, so start planning now. Why not consider what he likes to do and then share in the fun with him? Does he have a favorite hobby such as fishing or camping? June is a great month for both of those!  Ditto for outdoor sports like golf or tennis. A relaxing family get-together is a wonderful way to spend the day, too.  Maybe Dad will finally share his secret barbecue recipe with you, or simply enjoy hanging out and passing along some words of wisdom. Who knows—you might find out you have even more in common than you realized.  And, remember: even though Father’s Day is officially just one day, you can enjoy these activities together any time. After all, he’s your dad every day!

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