It’s a Valentine’s Day Party! (2.4.12)

feb 4, 2012

It’s a Valentine’s Day Party!

Thinking about throwing a Valentine’s Day party? You probably have a million ideas, but it’s best to start with a theme. Are you having this party for kids or adults? Do you want it to be sophisticated or silly? We have a few favorite themes you just might be able to draw inspiration from…  

Chocoholics Unite!

This type of Valentine’s Day party can be fun and carefree, and of course, covered in chocolate. Instead of focusing all on love, focus on something a little more sweet – like desserts! Explain to your guests that this is a dessert-only party, so they may want to eat dinner ahead of time – but make sure they save room for sweets! A fun way to get everyone involved is to have them each bring their favorite dessert. Make tasting tables and you can even have a contest for “Richest Dessert,” “Most creative star ingredient,” and “Overall all Chocolate Champion!”

 A single mingle!

Don’t have a plus one this Valentine’s Day? No big deal – especially for this party. Encourage everyone you invite to bring a coworker or another single friend and spend the day everybody hates to be alone – together! Hang out over good food and even better conversation. Need décor ideas? We say ditch the traditional Valentine’s Day red and pink hearts, and go for bright fun colors like Kelly Green, Cobalt Blue and Bright Orange

Love is in the air…

Ok, this one is for the lovers – the people who love Valentine’s Day, pass out candy at work and sign their name with a little  XOXO…  We get it, Valentine’s Day is the one time of year when you let everyone you love know that you’re thinking about them. Go ahead and deck this party out in all the shades of reds and pinks you can find. Get crafty with DIY projects and bake all kinds of sweet treats! Encourage your guests to wear red and play trivia games about famous couples throughout history!

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