Hi, Happy New Year and welcome to our brand new blog!

jan 1, 2012

Hi, Happy New Year and welcome to our brand new blog!

stay inspired in the new year!

A new year is the perfect time to start new adventures, set goals and dream big. For us, 2012 is all about staying connected – with friends, family, loved ones, and each other! We’re making a commitment to help you stay connected every day, so we’re going to post every day – that’s right – 365 posts all dedicated to helping you stay in touch with the people that matter most in your lives.

We’ll be posting some of our favorite cards, but you can also expect eclectic photos, inspirational quotes, fun projects and so much more. We’re here, ready to help you express whatever makes you happy, share whatever makes you laugh, and connect with whoever fills your heart with love. We’ve got loads of ideas and inspiration about, well, everything, and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say too!


stay inspired with happiness, laughter and love365 Days of Happiness, Laughter & Love

Inspiration is everywhere – you just have to know where to look…and our new blog is a pretty good place to start. We’re excited to have a place where we can share everything from quotes and photos, to new cards and fun projects. But this is just as much your space as it is ours. We can’t wait to hear from you and how you stay connected to all the special people in your lives. Our inspiration is you, what’s yours?

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